Modbus: Support for user defined function codes

Henrik Lindblom


I was wondering if there's any work being done to allow users to
extend Modbus by defining their own function codes (and handlers to
those)? I looked at the implementation in 2.6.0 and there is
MODBUS_RAW which sort of allows the user to define a callback to
handle arbitrary ADUs, but this is only for TCP (not really sure as to
why the limitation, though). I was tinkering around the codebase and
figured it would be easy enough to augment struct modbus_context to
include a list of user provided extensions that are tried if the PDU
has an unknown function code.

There are a few of reasons why having this feature would be nice:

- As of now, it seems that the full Modbus spec isn't implemented and
this would allow end users to work around that, if necessary.
- Modbus has specific function ranges for user defined features.
- Since Modbus is easy to extend, it's not uncommon to do so.

I implemented a quick hack which I'm still testing, but one thing that
I find a bit redundant in my approach is that MODBUS_RAW already
implements *almost* this functionality. The drawback IMO is that it
only allows a single callback to be defined, which ~works, but doesn't
allow users to benefit from the existing handler code, and makes the
API / Kconfig more confusing. I at least had no clue what MODBUS_RAW
was until I looked at the code. The optimal solution would be to
combine these two and remove the TCP only -restriction from

I'm willing to put in a PR for review if anybody else is interested in


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