Re: Trusted firmware update date

Kevin Townsend

Hi Jamie,

We'll have to evalute the complexity of the changes from TF-M, but if there are no major breaking changes to the build system, etc., it should be possible to update for the next Zephyr release cycle. We'll need at least an RC1 or RC2 for TF-M before doing the Zephyr PR, though.


On Fri, 12 Nov 2021 at 10:15, lairdjm <jamie.mccrae@...> wrote:
We have some board file changes to make for when the next release of TF-M is pulled into zephyr, there is an upcoming TF-M release for version 1.5.0 on Monday - will 1.5.0 be used for the upcoming 3.0 release of Zephyr and if so, what is the expected date of pulling it in? 

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