clock peripheral zephyr APIs for nordic boards #nrf52



I need to understand the available zephyr APIs that can let me turn off & turn on the available LFCLK in nordic board.

I found options like:

static inline int clock_control_on(const struct device *dev, clock_control_subsys_t sys)

static inline int clock_control_off(const struct device *dev, clock_control_subsys_t sys)

void z_nrf_clock_control_lf_on(enum nrf_lfclk_start_mode start_mode)


I do understand that all of this is done through the configurations in prj.conf.

But i want to know which APIs are responsible for it and how to call those APIs for LFCLK..?

As in if i call clock_control_on( ), how do i populate the arguments *dev and sys..?


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