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Perkowski, Maciej

Hi Jamie,

I am not sure what are you referring to. I am running daily on-target tests on quite a big setup internally at Nordic and I haven’t observed any major breakdown. You can find the on-target results here: The latest one with Nordic boards is this one:

I cannot access the devzone link you’ve added (waiting to get a proper permission). If we move the discussion to the zephyr’s official discord, to the testing channel I will try to provide some more direct help to you.


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After going back and forth between nRF connect SDK 1.7.1 and current top of zephyr, it seems that something in the test system when running on actual hardware has been majorly broken in the current mainline zephyr version. As of right now I can't get anything working on real hardware and at this point I'm considering using a different test system altogether. @Nasif can you comment on these issues? Things seems to work OK on nRF connect SDK 1.7.1, but on mainline zephyr anything jlink based is broken, anything nordic also seems to be broken.




On Fri, 2021-11-19 at 11:32 -0500, Garrett LoVerde via wrote:

I have no extra insight to provide as I've only ever used Mbed OS's on device automated test infrastructure.


But I will say that I plan to get a device test farm running at some point and will need a solution for Zephyr.


-Garrett LoVerde


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