Did 802.11 protocol supported on current sdk?


hi all:

    i search the whol project for symbole "NET_L2_INIT" and found that we support the L2 inteface as below,  seems no 802.11 protocol support, is that right?

  Cscope tag: NET_L2_INIT
   #   行    文件名 / 上下文 / 行
   1     97  /DISK0/WorkSpace/iot/network-zephyr/zephyr/include/net/net_l2.h <<GLOBAL>>
             #define NET_L2_INIT(_name, _recv_fn, _send_fn, _reserve_fn, _enable_fn) \
   2    121  /DISK0/WorkSpace/iot/network-zephyr/zephyr/subsys/net/ip/l2/bluetooth.c <<GLOBAL>>
             NET_L2_INIT(BLUETOOTH_L2, net_bt_recv, net_bt_send, net_bt_reserve,
   3     39  /DISK0/WorkSpace/iot/network-zephyr/zephyr/subsys/net/ip/l2/dummy.c <<GLOBAL>>
             NET_L2_INIT(DUMMY_L2, dummy_recv, dummy_send, dummy_reserve, NULL);
   4    311  /DISK0/WorkSpace/iot/network-zephyr/zephyr/subsys/net/ip/l2/ethernet.c <<GLOBAL>>
             NET_L2_INIT(ETHERNET_L2, ethernet_recv, ethernet_send, ethernet_reserve, NULL);
   5    311  /DISK0/WorkSpace/iot/network-zephyr/zephyr/subsys/net/ip/l2/ieee802154/ieee802154.c <<GLOBAL>>

and i hear many of words that the zephyr ip-stack are totaly porting from the contiki project,  i got the contiki project but did not find any the  identities,  so may be what the said was the legacy network driver, now  the ip-stack of zephyr is developed from the beginning, is it ?

thanks for your kindly support.


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