Re: The Zephyr project needs your help

Nashif, Anas

Hello again,


I wanted to clarify that this call for help is targeted at everyone who is currently an active contributor to the project (collaborator, maintainer, etc.) and not limited to contributors from paying member companies.

We value and want to encourage community contribution and participation in all aspects of the project.


Hope this clarifies it.





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Date: Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 1:14 PM
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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] The Zephyr project needs your help

Hello Everyone,


We are slowly approaching the 6th anniversary since the project was launched and the community continues to grow nicely.


We have been coping well with the growth until now, however, we have identified key areas where we need to do more to keep the project moving at the same pace and better manage the growing list of features, supported hardware and community needs.


In general, we are looking for your help with the day-to-day activities that keeps the project healthy. This includes involvement in at least one of the following areas:


-          Pull request reviews

-          The release processes

-          Bug and issue triage

-          Testing

-          Documentation

-          Continuous Integration



We urgently need fresh and new faces in the release engineering team and dedicated release engineers for upcoming releases, starting with Zephyr 3.0 which will be released in February 2022. Beyond the next release, we are looking for volunteers to fill pipeline and be ready to cover future releases of Zephyr and other release related activities.


"What is involved in being Release Manager?"


Chris Friedt, the release manager of Zephyr 2.7 answered this question on discord a few weeks ago:


I was recently asked that question, and I think it's a good one.


I would say the main prerequisites are:

* time, patience, and good communication skills

* good memory for processes, people, GitHub user ids

* existing familiarity with Zephyr's development process

* availability to quickly put out fires


My employer allocates 1 day per week (so 8 hours) for me to work on Zephyr:

* I chose to distribute that over 5 days

* 1 hour each morning merging PRs, pinging reviewers, etc

* 3 Zephyr meetings per week (Triage, TSC, and Dev - could alternate to others)


Realistically though, there is some spill over to personal time - I also merge PRs in the evening for about 1 hour and occasionally disturb @Anas  Nashif on weekends 😬


Aside from that though, the Release Team is fantastic so there is great support. E.g. I forget processes regularly sometimes and have to ask for reminders.


Helping is not limited to the release activities and you are welcome to participate and get more involved in other areas listed above. Just let us know what interest you and how you can help.


Hopefully, we will hear from you soon. Please contact me directly if you have questions and if you are interested in stepping up and taking any role in the project.






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