Nucleo f030r8 fails at QEMU Cortex M3 test

Maciej Dębski <maciej.debski@...>


I just posted a pull request for my nucleo f030r8 support. Here it is:

The shippable ran all the tests correctly, just one with a failure, which is:
Sanitycheck / qemu_cortex_m3:tests/net/ieee802154/l2/test / qemu_cortex_m3/tests/net/ieee802154/l2/test

As far as I believe, this test is not related to my board. I am not sure though. Could you give me some information on how I should react to this?
How can I correct this? What does the test mean? Is there a way to not test my code with it?

Thank you for help,
Maciej Dębski

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