Nicolas Pitre <nico@...>

On Mon, 13 Dec 2021, Benjamin Lindqvist wrote:

Hopefully most people in the community agree that many, if not most, Misra
rules are outdated or even slightly harmful. But you optimize with the
constraint being the way the world works, not how it should ideally work.
If this is what it takes to get zephyr backed by Daimler and Volvo, I for
one can't blame the steering committee for thinking the tradeoff is
Daimler and Volvo are relying on Linux already in many unsuspected ways.

Yet, the Linux community has vehemently rejected many of the "best
practice" mantras taught by academia and sought by the industry. It is
undeniably the most dynamic community out there, and Linux adoption is
unrivaled. Maybe the health of its community compensates the lack of
formal certification?

I'd do the same thing probably, despite loathing Misra with all
my heart.
If your employer asks you to do so, and your living depends on it then
yo have no choice but to swallow the frog. Hopefully you're fairly
compensated in return.

But asking the same of a "community" and hoping for it to thrive is


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