Re: large data arrays within .c source

Jack Rosenthal

I think in general, we should push vendors away from binary blobs if we can, which would help keep the contribution guidelines to a high standard. Simply rejecting the vendors' blobs during the code review process will force them to reconsider how to submit source code instead of a binary.

We can learn from the coreboot project, which has been trying to define their own policies around binary blobs recently.

On Mon, Jan 10, 2022 at 8:56 AM Rasmussen, Torsten via <> wrote:


I wonder how an array containing binary data created from source code with an unknown license can be said to conform to this:

> Integrating code into the Zephyr Project from other projects that use a license other than the Apache 2.0 license
> needs to be fully understood in context and approved by the Zephyr governing board, as described in the
> Zephyr project charter. The board will automatically reject licenses that have not been approved by the
> Open Source Initiative (OSI). See the Submission and review process section for more details.


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