REMINDER - v3.0.0 merge window closes Friday January 21st

Dan Kalowsky


This is your friendly neighborhood Zephyr v3.0.0 release manager here to remind
you that the v3.0.0 merge window for new features closes Friday, the 21st of
January. After that, only bug fixes and documentation will be merged until the
final release is tagged, which is targeted for Friday, February 11th.
Exceptions require TSC approval. New feature PRs may still be submitted while
the merge window is closed, but please keep in mind that maintainers will have
less time to review them during the release stabilization period.

Please add the v3.0.0 milestone to PRs that need to be included in the release,
and do not wait until Friday, January 21st to submit them.

Please try to help fix bugs, test release candidates, and write release notes
to minimize the time the merge window is closed so we can all quickly get back
to adding fun new things to Zephyr!

Thank you for your contributions!


Dan Kalowsky

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