Re: stm32u5 mcuboot, etc

Erwan Gouriou

Hi Gordon,

Flash driver work will be resumed soon (this week hopefully).
Regarding ADC, I2C, they're both supported on other U5 board: b_u585i_iot02a,
so adding those on nucleo_u575zi should be straightforward.
If you manage to get them working on this board, don't hesitate to contribute.


On Mon, 14 Mar 2022 at 17:36, Gordon Klaus <gordon@...> wrote:



My team is considering to use the STM32U575 for our product and we would very much appreciate your feedback.


MCUBoot fails to build on it because the U5 series lacks a flash driver.  I see that there is a work-in-progress PR for the flash driver [0].  Is there any kind of timeline/roadmap for when one might expect this work to be complete?


I also see that the Nucleo U575ZI Q lacks support for a number of interfaces [1] such as I2C, SPI, ADC.  Is this work planned?


I might be able to contribute missing features, if someone could give guidance and an estimate of the effort required.


Best regards,







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