Re: Adding Nucleo-F030R8 support to Zephyr - runtime error

Yannis Damigos

Hi Maciej,

On 08/23/2017 11:47 AM, Maciej Dębski wrote:

I am developing support for nucleo board, with stm32f030r8 MCU. The goal was to compile and run the samples provided with Zephyr, blinky and hello_world.

I managed to finish the job, all was good, so I have done a pull request. Then, one of the reviewers pointed out that new approach to pinctrl nodes and uart pinctrl configuration in stm32 socs DT files was introduced. I was asked to do appropriate changes.

I modified my code to fit the Zephyr master. Sadly, blinky and hello_world have stopped working. The code itself is compiling and flashing fine. Just the board is reporting a fatal error before even my code is executed.
After checking the code over and over, I think I need help!

I believe most of the values are correct. I just do not fully understand the new dts/arm file structure, which is in Python, maybe I have missed something. Would you be so kind as to look at my code and help me find the issue?
I took a look into the PR and the pinctrl nodes and uart pinctrl configuration seems fine. Could you provide more information about the fatal error? What do you mean by "before even my code is executed"?

I will have a better look in your PR the following days but it is hard to find the problem without the hardware to test it. <>

This is my pull request. I would focus on dts/arm and include/dt-bindings.

Yours faithfully,
Maciej Dębski

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