Using iMX8M Mini UART 3 for M4 as a Bluetooth interface #bluetooth

pradeepkumar soman


I want to use iMX8M Mini, UART 3 for M4 as a Bluetooth interface. M4 will be running with Zephyr OS.

On the EVK board UART3 is available from the header and the pin details for UART 3
TXD   -   Pin 8

RXD   -   Pin 10

In Zephyr (boards/arm/mimx8mm_evk/mimx8mm_evk.dts) I have modified the device tree like below.

zephyr,bt-uart = &uart3;

&uart3 {
status = "okay";
current-speed = <115200>;


Do I need to make any other changes? What about RDC domain settings?

Does  M4 need to be in RDC domain 1 and UART3 needs to be assigned to domain 1 ? Where do these changes are needed? Is it in Zephyr or in the u-boot?


Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,

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