Zephyr SMP support for Arm MCUs

Keith Morgan

I am interested in Zephyr SMP support for the Arm M class of microcontrollers [1]. It’s not clear from the Zephyr SMP documentation [2] which architectures Zephyr currently supports, but I’ve gathered from other links that ARC, RISC-V and ARM A class are supported – possibly others as well.


According to a thread on this list back in October of 2020 [3], “to fully implement SMP you'll need per-cpu variables, IPIs, some extra arch_* APIs implemented, etc.”


It sounds like a porting guide did not exist back then. Is there by chance now a porting guide for SMP that I could follow? If not, could somebody provide a little more guidance as to how to get started?







[1] https://community.arm.com/arm-community-blogs/b/embedded-blog/posts/white-paper-multi-core-microcontroller-design-with-cortex-m-processors-and-coresight-soc


[2] https://docs.zephyrproject.org/latest/kernel/services/smp/smp.html


[3] https://lists.zephyrproject.org/g/devel/topic/smp_support_for_arm/77261991


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