1.7 is coming close..

Nashif, Anas


Please note that we are approaching the merge window close for 1.7, all major features documented in JIRA stories need to already be in the review process and ready to be merged. Please submit all your changes and address comments in Gerrit to allow merge of pending requests ASAP.


Zephyr 1.7 rc1 will be created in the next 2 days which will limit merges to bug fixes, documentation and test cases. Any late features that target 1.7 will need to be approved by the Zephyr TSC.


The first release candidate of a release also means that development for 1.8 can start on master. A branch for 1.7 will be created and master will be open for none intrusive changes targeting 1.8. The soft development phase for 1.8 will happen on master until 1.7 is released, after that the merge window for 1.8 will be declared open and master will be ready for major and intrusive changes.


For more details on the development model, please see https://wiki.zephyrproject.org/view/Development_Model







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