Re: Zephyr DFU protocol

Carles Cufi

Hi Johann,

Thanks for the feedback.

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On 28.08.2017 14:45, Cufi, Carles wrote:

The USB DFU specification does not seem to be a good fit since it maps
specifically to particular USB endpoints and classes, making it not
suitable for other transports without extensive modification. Using a
standard USB class such as CDC ACM as transport, we could instead map
the chosen protocol over a USB physical link.

That surprised me a little, can you describe it in more detail what you
mean with "it maps specifically to particular USB endpoints and
classes". I think if you have USB, then USB DFU is the most elegant
solution for update. Or is it about using the same update tool for UART
and USB?
Yes, the whole point here is to find a protocol and therefore set of update command-line tools for all transports, so that the only difference among them is an adaption layer for them. That however does *not* prevent Zephyr from also supporting USB DFU or any other DFU mechanism which is widely used and already has a well-established toolset. It is just that I would not recommend using the USB DFU protocol over any other transport as a "universal default protocol".



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