Re: Using Zephyr with DFU bootloader from Nordic SDK

Carles Cufi

Hi Richard,

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Subject: [Zephyr-devel] Using Zephyr with DFU bootloader from Nordic SDK

Hi Community,

i would like to use zephyr with an external bootloader like the Nordic
DFU, where i can update firmware via bluetooth.

There is no documentation in zephyr, how to achieve this.
Do i need some special config options?
Can i just build a zephyr-image and flash it via this DFU bootloader?
Unfortunately I doubt this is easy to achieve, due to the way the Nordic DFU bootloader expects the SoftDevice to be present in flash, something that is not the case when using Zephyr instead. The Nordic DFU procedure is also closely tied to the image format of the Nordic SDK (and SoftDevice).
However, Zephyr is indeed compatible with a bootloader, mcuboot, and we are currently discussing adding support for a DFU (over BLE and other transports) to Zephyr in another thread in this mailing list. You are welcome to contribute to that thread with your requirements and comments, and as soon as we've chosen a protocol we'll start working towards implementing the DFU procedure.



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