Re: Zephyr DFU protocol

David Brown

On Tue, Aug 29, 2017 at 04:03:13PM +0200, Richard Peters wrote:

There will need to be sufficient flash set aside for the second image.
In most configuration, this is a dedicated partition, which avoids
needing to have filesystem management code in the bootloader.
May be a zip compression helpful to reduce the image size in flash?
Something like this is certainly doable (choosing a compression
algorithm that doesn't have large memory requirements, though, is

However, one of the considerations of the bootloader is that it has to
be immutable (it can never be upgraded), since it is the beginning of
the root of trust. We'd like to keep as much complexity out of it as
possible. I've even pushed to get rid of the "swap" code it currently
has, and instead move that complexity up a layer or to, and deploy one
of two images at both addresses, and just run the images in place in
the slot containing the desired image.


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