Re: Zephyr DFU protocol

David Brown

On Wed, Aug 30, 2017 at 09:38:44AM +0000, Cufi, Carles wrote:

That would be my preference as well, but it might not be as trivial
as it sounds. I need to discuss this further with the Mynewt
developers, because some of the abstractions (namely mbuf) might not
be easy to port. Once we choose a protocol, and if this ends up being
NMP, I would like to start those discussions ASAP with the
contributions of the Mynewt community.
I think we should go ahead and start the conversation with them, on
mailing lists.

Unfortunately, the Mynewt mailing lists add a Reply-to header, which
causes that list to "steal" replies that are cross posted. So, you
if you send to both the Zephyr and the Mynewt list, the replies will
randomly discard the Zephyr list, which tends to fork threads
(randomly because it depends on which mailing list server replies
quicker, and which message a given recipient's mail system decides to
use, gmail tends to use the first one, for example).

Feel free to help me apply pressure to get their list configuration


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