Re: Bluetooth mesh - error when proxy connected

Johan Hedberg

Hi Jehudi,

On Sun, Sep 03, 2017, Johan Hedberg wrote:
On Sat, Sep 02, 2017, Laczen JMS wrote:
I am using bluetooth mesh on zephyr. As soon as I make a proxy
connection to a node I am getting errors:

[bt] [ERR] node_id_adv: Failed to advertise using Node ID (err -5)

and after some time this changes to:

[bt] [ERR] net_id_adv: Failed to advertise using Network ID (err -5)

I have set the configuration parameter: CONFIG_BT_MAX_CONN=1.
I think those errors are mostly harmless. What's happening is that the
code tries to re-enable connectable advertising, however since the
controller only supports one connection it results in a failure. We
should probably add an #ifdef somewhere so that the code doesn't attempt
this when BT_MAX_CONN=1.
You could try e.g. the attached patch. It should change the error into a
warning when the connection limit is reached.


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