Re: [Zephyr-builds] Hello, I have some questions for building hello-world samples.

Maciej Dębski <maciej.debski@...>


a quick thought - did you try to write in Hello World example the following lines?
$ make help
$ make BOARD=<board_name>
$ make BOARD=<board_name> flash
$ make BOARD=<board_name> debug

Try to use these. Also, be sure you installed all linux prerequisites:

Good luck,
Maciej Dębski

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You need to install the SDK, it seems line you are missing this step. Please follow the instructions in the getting started guide to install the SDK, then point the variables to the directory where you have installed it.


Please use the zephyr-devel@ mailing list, not zephyr-builds@




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Subject: [Zephyr-builds] Hello, I have some questions for building hello-world samples.


Hi, it is the first time to use zephyr so I am little clumsy for understanding this RTOS. Thankyou for understanding.


I am using Linux 16.xx 64bit.


I tried to follow to compile and build the hello-world.


I have cloned this->>git clone   at the Desktop folder.



As you see the screen-shot above, I exported like that. (I am not sure the SDK_INSTALL_DIR's exact directory, please tell me if I got the wrong directory)


I did source


Finally I type make to build the hello-world and I got these error.



please give me some advise. Thank you 

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