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Hi Carles,

2017-09-06 15:26 GMT+02:00 Cufi, Carles <Carles.Cufi@...>:
Hi Jehudi,

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Hi Johan,

I increased the stack size to CONFIG_BT_RX_STACK_SIZE=2048 (I don't
understand why the real stack size is reported to be 2348), anyhow it
gives a new hard fault (but now with assert: '0' failed):

Kernel stacks:
main (real size 512): unused 220 usage 292 / 512 (57 %)
idle (real size 256): unused 200 usage 56 / 256 (21 %)
interrupt (real size 2048): unused 1640 usage 408 / 2048 (19 %)
workqueue (real size 2048): unused 1668 usage 380 / 2048 (18 %)
prio recv thread stack (real size 748): unused 440 usage 308 / 748
(41 %)
recv thread stack (real size 2348): unused 308 usage 2040 /
2348 (86 %)
[bt] [ERR] isr_rx_conn_pkt_ctrl: assert: '0' failed
***** HARD FAULT *****
Executing thread ID (thread): 0x200023dc
Faulting instruction address: 0x12d50 Fatal fault in ISR! Spinning...
This is a BLE Controller assert that hit. Can you give us a couple of additional tidbits of info to help us diagnose?

* What exact Zephyr version are you running? (if master please give us the commit SHA)
I am using the latest zephyr version (pulled yesterday), commit

* What board are you using? Is this a combined (Host + Controller single-chip) build or are you using 2 chips?
I am using a andtcl board with nrf51822 256kb flash and 32kb ram

* What configuration are you using? (your .conf file)
Included are the conf file from the mesh source directory, as well as
the .config files from the output directory


Kind regards,


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