Re: RFC: Stopping Zephyr networking from being painful by enabling error logging by default

Paul Sokolovsky

Hello Andrew,

On Thu, 14 Sep 2017 00:01:09 +0000
"Boie, Andrew P" <> wrote:

So, I'd like to propose to make following changes:

I would take this even further. It never made sense to me why the
logging stuff, by default, prints nothing even in error conditions. I
think for all subsystems we should default to enabling
Thanks for support. I'm not much familiar with logging in other
susbystems, so wanted to start with a humble, pilot proposal first,
though I agree that enabling warnings/error by default in general makes

There're of course drawbacks in doing so, so "risks" and how to manage
them should considered/planned. My ideas are:

1. We should make sure that we're all on the same line regarding
understanding that any such logging, regardless of its level
(error/warning/info/debug) is the *debug* logging. Well, that's why
it's disabled by default. So, we shouldn't be too shy with adding such
logging, including warnings/errors - it's not for production. But the
talk is about making it easy for both novice and regular users to
leverage it, i.e. enabling it by default.

2. From the above, there should be an easy way (ideally, single global
option) to disable all logging. It should be at the users' fingertips -
online help, READMEs, documentation, etc.

3. This approach is non-linear, in the sense that enabling global
warning/error logging will be definitely useful for users, but one
turn of a knob to "debug" level, and the output will be overwhelming.
So, how to deal with that should be also well documented.


Best Regards,
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