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Issue in OTA of zephyr OS over UART on Nordic nrf52840_pca10056 chip 7 messages By ... ·
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DFU OTA by using mcuboot bootloader in serial recovery mode 2 messages By ... ·
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Ble mesh stack not compatilbe with c++ 2 messages By Carles Cufi ·
Possibility to reduce the power consumption of peripheral device 2 messages By ... ·
zephyr HCI UART on nRF52832 - HCI interface bring up fails #ble #nrf52832#hci_uart 3 messages By icephyr ·
how to configre the default baudrate of hci_uart sample? #ble #nrf52832#hci_uart #ble #nrf52832#hci_uart 2 messages By icephyr ·
Issue in OTA of zephyr OS over BLE on Nordic nrf52840_pca10056 chip 3 messages By ... ·
Race Condition in ATT By ben.byers@... · Edited
#ble Refresh advertising data after disconnect 2 messages By Johan Hedberg ·
is it possible to implement concurrent link with mutiple roles on nrf52832 with zephyr os ? 2 messages By hotkernel@... · Edited
BLE throughput under load, QOS 2 messages By Luiz Augusto von Dentz ·
Data Length Extension 2 messages By Carles Cufi ·
bond information deleted By nick.ward@... ·
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