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DFU OTA by using mcuboot bootloader in serial recovery mode 2 messages By Lawrence King ·
How to combine smp_svr and hci_uart app's of zephyr for DFU OTA 2 messages By Puzdrowski, Andrzej ·
Is there a way to handle BLE hci_event directly in my thread? 1 messages By biwa ·
Problem with sending longer HCI messages with DLE enabled NRF52840 2 messages By kristian.kajak@... ·
BLE Central max concurrent connections 2 messages By Cufi, Carles ·
CONFIG_BT_PRIVACY cannot be enabled with Hci_uart sample 3 messages By icephyr ·
HCI Host Not enough space in buffer 2 messages By Johan Hedberg ·
Zephyr as HCI Host 3 messages By @abaska ·
【HCI_UART】hci_uart sample cannot advertise controlled by HCI commands 1 messages By icephyr ·
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