Zephyr 1.12.0-rc1 tagged

Maureen Helm

Hi all,


We have just tagged Zephyr 1.12.0-rc1.


All required features that have not been pushed out to 1.13 are now merged, and so we begin the stabilization phase that should run for around 2 weeks this time. We will now start working on filling in the existing skeleton for the release notes, and closing PRs that need to come into the release. A reminder that, starting with -rc1, we will only accept changes introducing bug fixes, documentation and test cases. Any additional features or enhancements will need to be approved by the TSC.


Please review the release notes under doc/release-notes-1.12.rst and submit your input about features and changes you have introduced in the 1.12.0 development cycle as soon as possible.


We want to keep the freeze period as short as possible, so please make sure you prioritize submitting any bug fixes to outstanding issues to ongoing future feature work.


The final release is tentatively scheduled for the 30th of May.


The full release log can be found here:



Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release!