[RFC] Zephyr 1.6: HTTP support

Flavio Santes <flavio.santes@...>

Oliver Hahm <oliver.hahm@...>


On Sun, Aug 07, 2016 at 07:42:15PM -0000, Flavio Santes wrote:
This is a Request For Comments: HTTP support for Zephyr:
Maybe a stupid question from someone who follows this project only remotely,
but wouldn't a CoAP implementation make more sense for an IoT operating
system? HTTP and TCP don't seem to be a good choice for a constrained system.
If Zephyr already supports CoAP, wouldn't a simple HTTP-to-CoAP mapping do the
trick for you?


Flavio Santes <flavio.santes@...>

Hello Oleg,

You are right, TCP and HTTP are not the best choices for the IoT ecosystem.

A few days ago, a CoAP native implementation was submitted:


This RFC is just about integrating the http-parser from nodejs to Zephyr. Thanks to the build system, this feature will be only available if necessary.

I think this forum could guide us to take the right decision. So, please keep an eye on this thread and also on Gerrit.


Rohit Grover

This is a very useful middle-ware library. I have been able to use it to parse HTTP headers from a real server.

Flavio Santes <flavio.santes@...>


Comments posted in https://gerrit.zephyrproject.org/r/3922 were very helpful, thank you.

In 3922, we were trying to import the http_parser code from nodejs. However, checkpatch reported some issues [1].
So, I am working on some kind of code refactoring [2]. I am not using gerrit right now because I am also modifying the test code from the original repo. Once the refactoring is done, I will update 3922, 3923 & 3924.


[1] https://jira.zephyrproject.org/browse/ZEP-776
[2] https://gitlab.com/santes/http_parser/commits/refactoring1