NOTE: Zephyr will soon use the first Kconfig 'default' with a satisfied condition, instead of the last

Ulf Magnusson


This is a heads-up about an upcoming Kconfig change.

Up until now, Zephyr has patched Kconfig so that the last 'default'
with a satisfied condition is used. Standard Kconfig behavior is to
use the first default with a satisfied condition.

The pull request at removes the
Zephyr patch, turning all the existing defaults around at the same
time to preserve behavior. It describes some problems with the
existing patch.

CMake will print a message about the changed behavior once the PR gets
in, to make sure it's noticed. It'll be possible to disable the
message by creating a file called 'hide-defaults-note' in the Zephyr
root. The message will be removed later.

Tell me if this is bad timing for you. There's no huge panic to get
the PR in now. I will make sure that all the defaults are turned
around by the time the PR gets in, even if new defaults get added
before then.