Breaking changes to network config settings

Paul Sokolovsky


For the 1.13 release, networking configuration library ("net_conf") was
split from net_app library, because it always was independent from the
rest of net_app, and is useful even for apps which don't use net_app
(e.g. for apps using native low-level API, or BSD Sockets API). To
finish this refactor cleanly, one last step was to move related
Kconfig options from CONFIG_NET_APP_* namespace into separate
CONFIG_NET_CONFIG_* namespace.

All in-tree samples and tests were updated, but out of tree
networking applications will need to be updated separately by their
maintainers. Thanks to recent Kconfig improvements and behavior
tightening, there will be a clear-cut error message hinting about a
need to upgrade (instead of warning and incorrectly functioning
application like it could happen before).

For a reference on which Kconfig options need updates please see

Alternatively, a shorter example of updating MicroPython Zephyr port:

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