hciconfig error with nrf52832 running zephyr #nrf52832#hciconfig#bluez


hi guys,
    I got a problem here and hope anyone can give me some advice,thanks.

    I bought a official nrf52832 development kits and ported zephyr project successfully. It runs fine with my ubuntu host,via btattach and btmgmt tools.But it didn't work with my nxp embedded linux,the linux version is 4.1.15 and supports hciattach hciconfig tools only.When I tried to bring the bluetooth module up with hciconfig hci0 up,an error comes up:

#hciconfig hci0 up
#Can't init device hci1: Cannot assign requested address (99)

has anyone met this problem before ? I don't know how to deal with it now,the hci0 can not be up status.