subsys/storage/flash_map - FLASH_DEV_NAME definition

Jiří Kubias <jiri.kubias@...>

Im playing with subsys/storage/flash_map   and I have one problem with  flash_drivers_map structure.

Currently it is defined as 

struct driver_map_entry {
u8_t id;
const char * const name;

static const struct driver_map_entry  flash_drivers_map[] = {
#ifdef FLASH_DEV_NAME /* SoC embedded flash driver */

Im using SOC flash map so I need to define FLASH_DEV_NAME  - by looking into the source codes is sees tat it should be defined in dts.fixup  - for example it is defined in:
./arch/arm/soc/nordic_nrf/nrf52/dts.fixup:29:#define FLASH_DEV_NAME                     NRF_NRF52_FLASH_CONTROLLER_4001E000_LABEL

But from structure driver_map_entry definition the second variable must be a const char * const name - so it does not fit. 

So am I doing something wrong or it is need some fixes in Zephyr? In my opinion is should be defined in .config file as CONFIG_FLASH_MAP_DEV_NAME   

Im using 1.13.0 as stable release.


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