Running rpl border and rpl node on bluetooth

Akash Naidu <akashnaiduece@...>

Hi All,
Currently i am working on IPV6 over BLE mesh, For that i have chosen reference of RPL Border and RPL Node of zephyr  RTOS.I have seen examples of rpl node and border router, but those were integrated with IEEE 802.15.4 network.
How to integrate RPL node and border router with Bluetooth(nrf52832) to transfer IPV6 packets?
Could you please suggest me some examples that integration of Bluetooth with rpl node or border router?
please provide some useful links or information about forming mesh over IPV6.

I would like to form the mesh on IPV6 over BLE, not on Bluetooth mesh profile(on/off example etc...)

Advance in thanks.



Hi Akash,

I think you better have a look at these links (as well):

Probably you want a hybride setup BLE mesh towards Thread (OpenThread) network..., I think some puzzling between network technologies is required at this moment. 
Maybe a little bit too soon to come up with the examples you would love to see I'm afraid. 

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