bond information deleted #ble


Hi all,
I'm developing a system with Zephyr that has been configured to have 4 Bluetooth connections and 4 paired devices for a Nordic nRF52832 SoC.

I'm finding that when pairing/bonding with a phone the first is very smooth to go through the pairing/bonding process (passkey displayed on the Zephyr device and passkey entered on the mobile device).  Pairing the second device with the 1st connected is not as smooth and doesn't always succeed.
It should be noted that a notification (between 14 to 20 bytes) is being generated every 1s.

I've found that after creating a BLE bond and I connection and disconnect the mobile device 3 or 4 times the bond information is deleted on the mobile device (I'm testing with the Nordic nrf connect app and this information is in the log).  I'm currently not sure why this is happening and am I hoping it can be fixed as this behaviour would be very inconvenient for users of this device (constantly having to repair their mobile device bond).   I would imagine if I hadn't assigned enough tx/rx buffers for the Bluetooth stack the connection may be flaky but I wouldn't think the bond information would become lost.

If anyone could give some insight into what might be happening to causes this issue I would be very grateful.

Nick Ward