Dev-Review Meeting Agenda (Sept 5)

Kumar Gala

This week we are going to use the dev-review meeting to work on the backlog of issues/enhancements/feature requests.

The idea here is to triage issues, close out one’s that we aren’t going to handle, try and see if there are some common areas we need to focus on for the 2.1 release.

I’ve asked Maureen to lead the call as I will not be able to make it.


- k

Peter A. Bigot

Discussing individual issues doesn't seem like an effective use of time, though discussing how issue assessments can be done offline and reviewed in summary form might be helpful.

But I'd like to get an understanding of what's going to be in 2.1 first.  E.g. updated GPIO is, updated controlled delay (timeout) API is.  Pinmux?  Other API changes?  Devicetree improvements?

Knowing the overall vision of how 2.1 improves the life of Zephyr users would impact what issues and existing PRs should be dusted off in order to reach that goal.