Help with porting to the new GPIO API

Carles Cufi

Hi all,

As you might know there is a new GPIO API under development in the topic-gpio branch. All drivers should now be ported but the actual users of the GPIO API, which are spread all over the tree, need porting.

The following issue tracks progress with porting those users:

Our plan is to make the new GPIO API the default for Zephyr 2.2, but in order to achieve that we need to port all users of the API first.

* If you are already assigned to porting one or more users in the issue above, please consider submitting a PR against topic-gpio as early as you can
* If you know the code for any of the unassigned users, or want to learn more about the new GPIO API, feel free to assign yourself (send me an email and I will update the issue) and work on a PR

You can find useful tips for porting to the new API in this comment:

Feel free to reply to this email or join the #gpio channel on Slack if you have questions.

Thanks in advance!