[Bluetooth] How to use "bt adv-create" at \zephyr\tests\bluetooth\shell #nrf52840 #bluetooth #shell



I'm use the sample code at \zephyr\tests\bluetooth\shell\  and the HW platform is nrf52840dk, what I'm trying to do is to make HW send ADV_EXT_IND and AUX_ADV_IND. After flashing the firmware into HW, I use below shell command to create an adv. 

uart:~$ bt init
Bluetooth initialized
uart:~$ bt[00:03:40.138,793] <inf> fs_nvs: 8 Sectors of 4096 bytes
[00:03:40.138,824] <inf> fs_nvs: alloc wra: 0, ff0
[00:03:40.138,824] <inf> fs_nvs: data wra: 0, 0
[00:03:40.141,601] <inf> bt_hci_core: HW Platform: Nordic Semiconductor (0x0002)
[00:03:40.141,632] <inf> bt_hci_core: HW Variant: nRF52x (0x0002)
[00:03:40.141,632] <inf> bt_hci_core: Firmware: Standard Bluetooth controller (0x00) Version 2.3 Build 0
[00:03:40.142,242] <inf> bt_hci_core: No ID address. App must call settings_load()
[00:03:40.161,285] <inf> bt_hci_core: Identity: d0:d3:8a:6f:47:91 (random)
[00:03:40.161,285] <inf> bt_hci_core: HCI: version 5.2 (0x0b) revision 0x0000, manufacturer 0x05f1
[00:03:40.161,285] <inf> bt_hci_core: LMP: version 5.2 (0x0b) subver 0xffff
uart:~$ bt id-show
*0: d0:d3:8a:6f:47:91 (random)
uart:~$ bt id-select 0
Selected identity: d0:d3:8a:6f:47:91 (random)
uart:~$ bt adv-create conn-scan ext-adv identity low
Failed to create advertiser set (-5)
[00:04:29.615,020] <wrn> bt_hci_core: opcode 0x2036 status 0x01

But the return error code is -5, how can I create an adv and make it send ADV_EXT_IND and AUX_ADV_IND?