Private: Re: [Zephyr-devel] QSPI for ATSAME51 #flash

Bolivar, Marti

Adding the list back in Cc.

"Theo Hussey via Lists.Zephyrproject.Org"
<> writes:

Thank you for your detailed response, I tried to use the binding you
suggested but I was not sure where to put it as I developing the
driver out of tree.
I meant that binding as an example, not as something to copy/paste --
for a different IP block you will need your own binding.

I switched to developing the driver in tree instead and was able to
get the driver working after setting up the binding correctly and
fixing some typos with the macros in my driver.

You can put the binding in a dts/bindings subdirectory of anything in
your DTS_ROOT cmake variable or any Zephyr module that declares itself a
dts-root, like modules/hal/nxp/zephyr/module.yml and
modules/hal/stm32/zephyr/module.yml do.