Resolve warning of DT_INST_DMAS_LABEL_BY_NAME deprecated macro in zephyr 2.6.0

Srinivasan Tamilarasan


In our dma based serial driver code, I am using the DT_INST_DMAS_LABEL_BY_NAME() as given in below code snippet.



DT_INST_DMAS_LABEL_BY_NAME macro is deprecated in zephyr 2.6.0 release. I am trying to replace the DT_INST_DMAS_LABEL_BY_NAME macro to equal macro.


Option 1:  I have tried that DT_INST_DMAS_LABEL_BY_NAME() with DEVICE_DT_GET(DT_DMAS_CTLR_BY_NAME(n,tx)). But it provided below build error,


Kindly let me know what is the right way to to avoid this waring.