Bug-Bashing Week :beetle: (Aug 1-7)

Christopher Friedt

Hi Devs!

As noted in the Review and TSC meetings, we will have a feature pause
for the 1st week of August (August 1st through 7th) where only bug fix
PR's will be merged, although the official mailing list announcement
might still be on the way. The goal is to mitigate as many bugs as
possible prior to the 2.7.0 LTS release.Currently, there are:

4 High Priority bugs
27 medium priority bugs
103 low priority bugs

As usual, PR's are welcome However, we would also like to incentivize
contributors to squash as many bugs as possible. The incentives will
likely be in the following form for top "Pest Control" experts:

Honourable mention in a list of "Top-Ten Exterminators"
Possibly some kind of GitHub badge, if such a thing exists
Other items such as dev boards or swag (TBD)

The list of bugs slated for extermination before the 2.7.0 LTS release is below

Let's try to clean up as many as we can! Remember, it's not a serious
competition - everyone wins, and the point is really just having fun
taking part

Looking forward to it,

Chris Friedt
v2.7.0 Release Manager