Zephyr.bin not loading to litex_vexriscv #samples #ninja

Shilpa Das <shilpa.das@...>

Hi team, I am trying to run zephyr rtos on litex vexriscv using Nexys video board.After the successful bitstream generation and all, I tried to load zephyr.bin file (obtained from zephyr/samples/hello_world. Zephyr.bin is generated  Using cmake - b board - Dboard=litex_vexriscv and ninja command). The command used to boot the bin file is
flterm --port /dev/ttyUSB0 --kernel<path_to_zephyr.bin> --kernel-adr 0x40000000
The problem I am facing is, unable to get the output on that bin file.. The system got stuck on 'liftoff' as shown below... What should I do?