Zephyr v2.7.0-rc4

Christopher Friedt

Hi Zephyr Community!

We are very happy to announce the 4th candidate for the v2.7.0 LTS release \o/


This release will be codenamed "Single-Handed Speed Run" for.. reasons [1].

Some important notes:
- We are introducing a new GitHub label "Blocker" to indicate an issue
blocks release
- Generally, the "Blocker" label is only assigned to existing medium
or high priority bugs
- To promote an issue to "Blocker" status, please bring it to the
attention of the release team [2]
- As of rc4, we will only be merging bug-fixes that have the label "Blocker"
- Code Freeze is on 2021-10-08. At that point, there will be no more
code changes to v2.7.0

Thanks to all of our valued members who have been verifying tagged
release candidates and for everyone who has contributed to this RC!


[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVcmZJSxYPQ
[2] https://discord.com/channels/720317445772017664/733037890514321419