Integrating gsm_modem sample code with mqtt_publisher sample #gsm_modem #ppp #networking

Brent (214500040@ukzn) <214500040@...>

Hello Everyone
I am attempting to connect my NRF5340dk to a MQTT test server ( / via a GSM module (Ublox LARA R211 EVK).
- I integrated the gsm_modem sample with the mqtt_publisher sample. 
- I flashed my application to nrf5340dk_nrf5340_cpuapp.
- The ppp connection was successfully established and I could ping google via the nrf53 dev kit.
- Whenever I ping'd google, I could view the data output via "CONFIG_MODEM_GSM_UART_NAME" i.e. UART port 1 (This NRF53 UART port was bridged to the GSM module).
- However whenever the MQTT code ran, there was no data output on  UART port 1 (CONFIG_MODEM_GSM_UART_NAME).
How should I approach this issue? i.e how do I route the mqtt connection via the GSM module.
Any advice would be truly appreciated!