Zephyr v3.0.0-rc2 tagged

Dan Kalowsky

The second release candidate for Zephyr 3.0.0 has been tagged (v3.0.0-rc2).

The merge window for features and enhancements is now closed for this release,
and it will remain closed until 3.0.0 is released; the stabilization period is
now open. During the stabilization period only bug-fix, documentation, and
stabilization-related patches may be merged to main. Additional features or
enhancements for the 3.0.0 release require approval by the TSC.

The full release log can be found here:


Please note we currently have the following bug counts:
  High - 1     (goal 0)
  Medium - 23  (goal < 20)
  Low - 121    (goal < 50)

Any assistance in resolving the low priority bugs is appreciated.  The list can
be found at