Zephyr v3.1.0-rc1 tagged

Bolivar, Marti

Hi Zephyr Devs!

The first release candidate for Zephyr 3.1.0 has been tagged (v3.1.0-rc1):


We tagged today instead of last Friday as originally planned.

The merge window for features and enhancements is now closed for this release,
and it will remain closed until 3.1.0 is released; the stabilization period is
now open. During the stabilization period only bug-fix, documentation, and
stabilization-related patches may be merged to main. Additional features or
enhancements for the 3.1.0 release require approval by the TSC.

We currently have the following bug counts:

* High - 1
* Medium - 25
* Low - 118

The goal for release is to be at:

* High - 0
* Medium < 20
* Low < 50

As usual, we have a ways to go on lows!

As we need to reduce bug counts for the release, you are all encouraged to
submit PRs that close existing bug reports, and to help reviewing such PRs
submitted by other contributors or maintainers. You can follow the bug numbers
with the thresholds for each bug category here:


Testing Zephyr main branch during the stabilization period is also requested;
please test the code base and file bug reports so they can be addressed before
the release deadline. Everyone is encouraged, especially hardware vendors, to
test on hardware available to them. Use twister to run tests from the Zephyr
tree on the boards you have using the device testing features.

Other dates related to the release are here:


You may continue to submit pull requests for new features in order to gather
feedback early or collaborate with others, but the release team would like to
encourage everyone to focus on bug fixes and documentation improvements to the
largest extent possible, so that we can release 3.1.0 on time and in the best
shape possible.

A big Thank You to everyone that contributed to this release so far, be it with
code, reviews, documentation, or any other type of contribution!

Carles and Martí