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Hi ,

        I have a question for work queue usage, below is my sample code, I don’t know where the problem is, anyone can help me? thanks.


typedef struct


    struct k_work work;

struct k_work_q work_q;

int  data;

} pon_wq_t;


pon_wq_t    pon_ploam_wq;

#define MY_STACK_SIZE 512

#define MY_PRIORITY -2





    k_work_init(&(, aal_ploam_wq_proc);

    k_thread_name_set(&pon_ploam_wq.work_q.thread, "ploam_workq");

    k_work_queue_start(&pon_ploam_wq.work_q, my_stack_area, K_THREAD_STACK_SIZEOF(my_stack_area), MY_PRIORITY, NULL);



plm_isr(ca_uint32_t plm_int){ = plm_int;

ret = k_work_submit(&;

//ret = k_work_submit_to_queue(&pon_ploam_wq.work_q, &;




void aal_plm_wq_proc(struct k_work *q_work)


    aal_xgpon_ploam_kmsg_t   *msg;

    ca_status_t              ret =  CA_E_OK;

    pon_wq_t         *wq = CONTAINER_OF(q_work, pon_wq_t, work);


    ca_printf("%s: data %d \r\n",__func__, wq->data);





1.      If use k_work_submit, only two or three interrupts can be put into system work queue and aal_plm_wq_proc can be called. But the interrupts are generated continuously.

2.      If use k_work_submit_to_queue, interrupts can be put into the defined work queue continuously, but aal_plm_wq_proc is never called.


my zephyr version:

Zephyr version: 2.7.0


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        Glad to join this group. Thanks.


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