Zephyr SDK 0.15.0 Release

Stephanos Ioannidis


Zephyr SDK 0.15.0 has been released.


In this release, the GNU toolchain version has been updated:

* Updated to Binutils 2.38 release.
* Updated to GCC 12.1 release.
* Updated to GDB 12.1 release.

Please note that there are multiple breaking changes required on the Zephyr-
side to accommodate the GNU toolchain version update, and the minimum required
Zephyr SDK version in the main branch will be changed to 0.15.0 once these
changes are merged in the following PR:


If you have a downstream project tracking the Zephyr main branch, please make
sure that your CI infrastructure is ready for this change. If you use the
upstream CI Docker image in your project, you can use the image v0.24.2, which
contains the Zephyr SDK 0.15.0:


Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this SDK release.