BabbleSim announcement: Zephyr's nrf52_bsim updated to use the new nRF HW models which use the update Phy-dev API


The Zephyr's nrf52_bsim target board has been updated to use the updated nRF52833 HW models, which in turn require a new BabbleSim API.
This brings support for 802.15.4, and a few other peripherals models.

As a Zephyr user, if you are using BabbleSim, you will need to update your local BabbleSim installation. If you fetched bsim with either repo or west, just go to the bsim root folder, and update (`repo sync` or `west update`). You can find updated manifests (, if you happen to have chosen one that points to a specific release. If you fetched it in another way, just fetch from git as needed ( .
After that run `make everything` in the simulator root to rebuild.
With that you should be good to go.
Note that as bsim remains fully backwards compatible with the previous API you can use the updated Babblesim even if you are on an old Zephyr, or if you are jumping between branches which use the old HW models.

Alberto Escolar