Build a filesystem service

Gapry Un

Dear all

I hope to build a filesystem service on Arduino Due. I have read the
document Device Drivers and Device Model [2] and Subsystems[1].
And also, I have trace the sample in Zephyr v1.2.0. But, I still no idea
how to start. Any suggestion?


Thanks, Gapry

Flavio Santes <flavio.santes@...>

Hello Gapry,

Even without knowing the Zephyr's structure, you can create your own "service". Remember, Zephyr is a library-based RTOS[1] with a monolithic structure that allows you to access almost any feature you want from your application.

You can start with the hello world example, growing the code to support your own file system and the storage device you wish. However, the best way to understand the code is by reading and experimenting.

Best regards,