Daily JIRA Digest


NEW JIRA items within last 24 hours: 32
[ZEP-266] nios2: implement linker script

[ZEP-273] nios2: implement flashing scripts

[ZEP-274] nios2: document GDB debugging procedure

[ZEP-259] nios2: implement general exception vector

[ZEP-264] nios2: support serial console

[ZEP-252] nios2: implement _NanoFatalErrorHandler(), _Fault(), and _SysFatalErrorHandler()

[ZEP-255] nios2: implement _Swap()

[ZEP-279] nios2: demonstrate nanokernel hello world

[ZEP-254] nios2: define NANO_ESF struct and populate _default_esf

[ZEP-269] nios2: implement early boot sequence

[ZEP-267] nios2: implement _new_thread()

[ZEP-277] nios2: implement sys_io.h functions

[ZEP-248] Add a BOARD/SOC porting guide

[ZEP-268] nios2: implement thread/fiber abort routines if necessary

[ZEP-263] nios2: implement driver for Nios II Avalon Timer

[ZEP-260] nios2: implement static interrupts for Internal Interrupt Controller

[ZEP-249] nios2: Enable altera_max10 board in sanitycheck runs for nanokernel

[ZEP-256] nios2: implement irq_offload()

[ZEP-261] nios2: implement exception exit code

[ZEP-257] nios2: implement _arch_irq_enable() and _arch_irq_disable() for Internal Interrupt Controller

[ZEP-265] altera_max10: correctly define CONFIG_SYS_CLOCK_HW_CYCLES_PER_SEC

[ZEP-262] nios2: implement _arch_irq_lock() _arch_irq_unlock()

[ZEP-271] nios2: enable microkernel & test cases

[ZEP-276] nios2: implement find_msb_set() / find_lsb_set()

[ZEP-258] nios2: research: scope support for External Interrupt Controller (EIC)

[ZEP-272] nios2: add global pointer support

[ZEP-270] nios2: determine optimal value for PERFOPT_ALIGN

[ZEP-275] nios2: scope support for instruction/data caches

[ZEP-280] nios2: enable interrupt driven serial console

[ZEP-251] nios2: implement nano_cpu_atomic_idle()

[ZEP-250] nios2: implement nano_cpu_idle()

[ZEP-247] MQTT support

UPDATED JIRA items within last 24 hours: 4
[ZEP-241] Use gcc for linking instead of ld

[ZEP-12] Create a generic 802.15.4 driver API

[ZEP-131] Driver for BME280 temperature, pressure and humidity sensor

[ZEP-177] Windows build with MinGW

CLOSED JIRA items within last 24 hours: 2
[ZEP-178] (Duplicate) Port Zephyr to Altera Max10 (Nios 2 CPU)

[ZEP-100] (Fixed) Test bug for Gerrit

RESOLVED JIRA items within last 24 hours: 1
[ZEP-51] (Fixed) footprint benchmarks are not enabled on all arches