Enforcing a 2-approval policy in GitHub: request for more help with PR reviewing

Glaropoulos, Ioannis

Dear Zephyr developers,

According to the Zephyr Project Roles and Contribution Guidelines documentation (, pull requests against the Project’s main branch may be merged with 2 approvals. Until now, we have been applying this policy in GitHub, exclusively during Zephyr release stabilization periods (applying 1-approval policy, otherwise). I would like to notify everyone that as of now we will permanently enforce the 2-approval policy.

Consequently, from now on, we will be needing extra assistance in PR reviews to maintain a high-enough rate of getting PRs approved and merged to Zephyr master branch.


A big thanks-in-advance to all for your extra efforts in PR reviewing 😊

Best Regards,

Ioannis glaropoulos | R&D
P +47 21 08 88 37 | Oslo, Norway |